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H360° Resources maximizes the social integration and insertion of foreign workers while meeting a need in the Quebec labour market.


There is a path to SUCCESS,


We will walk the path TOGETHER!

We facilitate the match between talents and organizations in a sustainable way !

You can and you want to work. You have high hopes to succeed. Quebec and Canada offer a bright future. You register. It’s only a first step. It is free of charge and without obligations. You possess the skills and desire to succeed. You will have every chance of being selected. You will be interviewed by our expert recruiters. You are more than just a job candidate. You become a Hopeful, with Hope! We find the employer to get you started. You will receive a job offer; an employment contract of approximately two years! Your bright future begins to take shape. We build our hope on our Hopefuls. You are assisted at every stage and for the duration of your employment contract. It’s a professional team and above all a very caring one that is committed to your success. Our team of certified immigration experts will handle the process of obtaining your work permit. This is a complex and costly process that takes several months. You will have to provide us with some official documents. You will pay almost nothing. Pack your bags… Welcome to Quebec! Your employer will pay for your trip. And we will welcome you as soon as you arrive. Many job opportunities are available in the regions, outside the big cities. Urban areas or not, Quebec has a unique culture. You will have excellent support to facilitate your integration into Quebec society. You like your new life and want to build your future in Quebec. You will be offered all the available study and specialized training opportunities. You want to make a success of your future. So do we! You have completed your approximately two-year employment term. You have worked hard and made progress. Congratulations! You can apply to renew your work permit and apply for permanent residence. You have succeeded!
Vous nous contactez Notre premier rendez-vous Parlez. On vous écoute! Un plan de RÉUSSITE Vous nous engagez. On s’engage! Choisissez des Créateurs de valeur. Survolons l’immigration Accueillons et facilitons l’intégration Nous réussissons!
This is the first step towards your success. A simple, no-obligation contact will begin the process of finding lasting solutions to your workforce needs. TIP: Don’t be the last employer in Québec to call us! We will meet with you as soon as you want us to. Our business services team will arrange our first meeting. Always without any obligation on your part. Discuss your situation, your workforce needs, your growth plans with us. H360 is a team with over 600 years’ experience focused on listening to you, in strict confidence. Expect more! A comprehensive, fully integrated process from start to finish. All the expertise and skills required will have been brought to bear on the development of your success plan. You like our proposed success plan. You decide to team up with us. We are fully committed. We support the success of our Hopefuls and, by extension, our clients. We are committed right up to the completion of the employment contract. What is the scope of your recruitment? Imagine having choices... Plenty of choices! Our international recruitment network offers exceptionally motivated and qualified candidates. Each chosen candidate possesses the qualities, and most importantly, the determination to succeed. We channel thousands of Hopefuls with high success potential. Our team of certified immigration experts is second to none. You can rely on over 100 years of immigration experience. We are familiar with government requirements. Legal procedures and management of the immigration file are integrated. We work with you to facilitate the reception and integration of newcomers to Québec. We focus heavily on the potential for success of our Hopefuls. Our experience in social integration boosts the performance of every employee. It is a key element to your success. Together, we will have been partners in your success. And we will have achieved a fine example of Human Capital Development.

What makes us a consistent choice

Quebec: A natural choice!

Many factors make for a superior quality of life in Quebec. Being located in Canada, a prosperous country with a solid economy that encourages and needs immigration, and not only welcomes and supports diversity in every way (gender, race, religion, appearance) but also condemns all forms of discrimination. These are just some of the reasons why Canada is consistently ranked among the top 10 happiest, safest and best places to live in the world. The country has a highly diverse population of inhabitants from over 250 different ethnic backgrounds. It is a country that celebrates freedom of choice and the pursuit of happiness, is known for its accessible education and healthcare systems, safety, abundant nature, job opportunities, culture a...