Our mission can be summarized by metaphors of humans and hands...

Canada needs a helping hand.

Industries need hands.

We extend a hand to people who come to lend us a hand.


We are the heart of a movement

H360° Resources emerged from a group of people with the desire to have a positive impact on human lives.

We envisioned a project that would help and support the job market in Canada and, above all, revolutionize the social inclusion of newcomers and their potential for economic mobility.

We aim to be the bridge between people who join forces to create sustainable partnerships towards success!

Our values
  • Humanity
  • Integrity
  • Prosperity
Our fresh approach

Our company is composed of an inspired, experienced and multicultural team, working with the most sophisticated recruitment technology and having formulated an optimal integration program. Our goal is to nurture a sense of belonging in the new community members, while promoting pride in their origins.

We contribute to improve the quality of life of many people by serving as a liaison between foreign workers and Canadian companies.

Focusing first on a human collaboration, we create unique partnerships that generate thoughtful reflections, always aiming at tailor-made solutions. By supporting the growth and potentialities for success of each person, we bring ideal matches together.

Our collective success
relies on each person’s success

Our mission is to remove barriers by connecting businesses and workers, assisting them to achieve their success goals. In doing so, we build mutually beneficial and healthy relationships. By ensuring that all key points of view are considered in a transparent and respectful manner, we provide support and develop logistics that seamlessly match the needs of businesses.

By offering a global solution to the challenges of labor shortage and the integration of foreign workers, we aim to become a reliable ally of the government. Through the recruitment of qualified foreign human capital, closely supported by a comprehensive accompaniment system throughout the process, we promote the development of remote regions and contribute to economic growth.

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International partnerships




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