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Employer Solution

We recruit a qualified and motivated workforce to meet human resources needs in various fields for several companies, in metropolitan centers and remote regions alike.

Our services consist in offering the possibility to foreign talents who express their interest in pursuing a professional experience of at least two years in Canada. This experience can be extended several times through permit renewals, if desired by the parties involved, and can also lead to the possibility of permanent residency, in some cases.

We work daily to be part of the solution by assisting businesses dealing with the current labour shortage challenges experienced by our Canadian entrepreneurs. Together, hand in hand, let’s move towards a better future!

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Global Solution

solution globale solution
  • Business Analysis and Needs Assesment
  • Candidate Research and Selection
  • Administrative and Legal Procedures
  • Organizational training and support
  • Integration Program: Newcomers Academy
  • Welcoming and integration upon arrival
  • Work permit renewals and permanent residency (if applicable)

On-boarding, Welcoming and Integration

Our On-boarding, Welcoming and Integration team has designed the Newcomers Academy to help foreign workers integrate well into their host society and the job market. The objective of this program is to present the main characteristics of Canadian society by addressing different themes, such as culture, seasons, health and educational systems, etc. The essence of the content aims to prepare people for this major life transition.

In addition, we assist the workers, according to a complete welcoming protocol, and offer them professional integration support during the first three months following their arrival in Canada.

Our innovative social integration program allows us to accompany newcomers step by step in their immersion by offering updated and reliable information in all the essential spheres that allow the development of a sense of belonging to their host community.

Diversity management training
and professional integration support

The mission of our team of certified trainers is to support the development of leadership skills in diversity management in companies and to assist employers to develop mechanisms that promote the optimal inclusion of foreign workers. We also accompany companies during the foreign worker’s integration into the company, during the first three months.

Our Welcoming, On-boarding and Integration team works with an approach based on the recognition of the uniqueness of each human being.


7 reasons to choose us

  • humain human
  • proactivite proactivity
  • communication
  • carrière career
  • education
  • technologie technology
  • insertion

The human’s well-being is the cornerstone and raison d’être of our company. Therefore, the human being is at the center of everything we do, at the center of every action we take. We are here to take charge of the journey to comfortably integrate newcomers into Canadian society. We fully support people in this big life change, by providing a 360° experience. We promote the hiring and retention of temporary foreign workers.


We are proactive. Our global vision of the recruitment process allows us to have an active approach. The standardization of our processes ensures the optimization of our internal operations designed to deliver an integrated solution with high added value. Our process, based on a 360-degree experience, allows us to monitor the progress of requests and to respond correctly to needs. In addition, we benefit from an excellent network and a significant international presence.


We make sure to always distribute information symmetrically, so that communication is centralized and easily accessible. We nurture a close relationship with our candidates and with our business partners equally. Furthermore, through feedback monitoring along the way, we are able to establish diagnoses that identify areas for improvement and ensure great adaptability, which guarantees the overall effectiveness of our services.


At the career level, because the growth of a business is just as important as the evolution of its employees, our assessment includes not only technical skills, but also a motivational analysis to explore the development and retention potential of candidates. H360° Resources equips foreign workers to be able to live their work experience to the fullest. We want to be the mediators in partnerships that last!


We offer personalized assistance, coaching and training programs designed according to the goals, needs and progress of selected candidates and companies, to achieve their full potential of success. We cultivate a culture of people’s development. We see our partnerships as a way to help companies and foreign workers thrive in a promising future in Canada. By offering career opportunities and education, we nurture human growth.


Efficiency is achieved through the integration of new technologies, ensuring a seamless workflow, a global vision and a targeted tracking. Our human approach, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures a pleasant experience and a smooth process.


With the goal of ensuring a solid integration of newcomers into their host community, by cultivating a sense of belonging, we offer pre-arrival training programs, integration assistance, work permit renewal services and assistance in obtaining permanent residency, when applicable. Everything to foster the sustainability of the professional relationships, facilitate the settlement on Canadian lands and promote social inclusion!

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